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Wedding Day

Why do people have weddings?  Goodness gracious, this whole blessed event stressed me the hell out.  Top of the list was the weather report.  The ceremony was supposed to be outside and the week leading up to the wedding showed violent thunderstorms throughout the entire. freaking. weekend.  Green Pastures put together an alternate plan which [...]

I’m still here!

Thought you’d gotten rid of me, huh?  Nope!  No such luck.  Just a lot of activity.
We got our first wedding gift!  It’s a 5 quart Staub Cocotte that I”ve been coveting for years…maybe even longer than I coveted the KitchenAid mixer.  I can’t believe someone actually got it for me.  All my dreams are coming [...]

Let Me Eat Cake

So, I know I said in an earlier post that I wasn’t sure I wanted to have a traditional cake at my wedding. Well, I went to Green Pastures today to pick up samples of their cakes and I am now SO OVER that sentiment. I want cake. The samples I received [...]


Today was a very busy day for me at work as I wrapped everything up to get ready to go on vacation, but couple of pretty interesting things happened!
First off, at lunchtime today I went over to Green Pastures and talked to their event planner about having the wedding and reception there. It went [...]


So Ben and I have been talking a lot recently about what we really want the wedding to be (well, I’ve been talking…Ben’s mostly been listening and agreeing to whatever my favorite option is at the time). Do we want to go traditional? Do we want do a destination thing? Scrap it [...]