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Raiding the Family Recipes

One of the many things that my mom and I share is a love of cookbooks and collecting recipes.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I raided her recipe boxes and absconded with a few choice family recipes that I am going to try and replicate myself and maybe one day pass along to my children.

Among the [...]

Corn Pudding

Tonight Ben and I were lucky enough to get invited to a pre-Thanksgiving potluck party where,  no joke, I talked to French guy straight out of an Inspector Clouseau movie.  He had a heavy accent, was wearing a black turtleneck and kept twisting the ends of his very bushy black mustache.  In short, he was [...]


That did not work out at all.
The picture above may look pretty innocuous, but this ended up being a true pie wreck.
I made some pretty basic rookie baking mistakes that resulted in a bipolar pie with an unappealing texture.

Here’s what I did wrong:

After I put the pie dough into the dish, I didn’t prick the [...]

Pie Dough

One of my resolutions for this year that I have not accomplished is the feat of making my own pie dough.  Let’s remedy that, shall we?
I found a recipe that was a little bit different from the standard one that I see everywhere.  It looked like it would have a little more flavor and be [...]

Coq au Vin Blanc

Or, in American, chicken braised in white wine.
People are pretty familiar with or at least have heard of coq au vin, the French bistro classic which is hearty chicken stew made with red wine.  Traditionally, this dish is made with an old rooster whose meat required a long braising time to get nice and tender.  [...]