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Blinding Cuteness

I don’t even know what to say about this.

My Afternoon

1. Bathe Dog #1
2. Dry Dog #1
3. Furminate Dog #1
4. Bathe Dog #2 who doesn’t like to be bathed and weighs almost as much as me
5. Begin drying Dog #2
6. Dog #2 runs away and rolls in dirt patch creating a new mud coating
7. Curse violently
8. Bathe Dog #2 who is now even more sure [...]

Happy Birthday Stella!!

Today is my beautiful girl’s 5th birthday!
For her birthday, she got a VERY special birthday treat. I think the label said “Meaty Femur Bone”…very accurate. It was meaty and gristly in a way only a dog could love.

She didn’t quite know what to do with it at first…but got the hang of it [...]