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So Say We All

The final episode of Battlestar Galactica airs tonight. If you haven’t discovered this show yet…what are you waiting for? Coming from someone who doesn’t normally like sci-fi shows (that would be me), this is one of the best, most relevant and most consistantly amazing shows EVER. I will keep my promise of [...]


I am obsessed with this season of Lost. Ben gave up on it citing too many questions and not enough answers…but I think this season has been one of the most satisfying since Day 1.
I think the main revelation of last night’s ep was really about the not-only-geographical distance between Jin and Sun. As the [...]


So Ben and I have been talking a lot recently about what we really want the wedding to be (well, I’ve been talking…Ben’s mostly been listening and agreeing to whatever my favorite option is at the time). Do we want to go traditional? Do we want do a destination thing? Scrap it [...]

Moving On

So a co-worker put the bug in my ear that I should start a blog. She said simply, “I would read it.” Really? Well, we’ll see. But I figured that since all of my family and Ben’s family are out of state it would be a great way for them to [...]