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Raiding the Family Recipes

One of the many things that my mom and I share is a love of cookbooks and collecting recipes.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I raided her recipe boxes and absconded with a few choice family recipes that I am going to try and replicate myself and maybe one day pass along to my children.

Among the [...]

My Thanksgiving Table

As Thanksgiving approaches, I think the thing I am most looking forward to is the food. I know…total surprise there. Our family is pretty traditional in that we pretty much cook the same stuff every year and this is pretty much the only time of year that we will make these dishes. [...]

Coq au Vin Blanc

Or, in American, chicken braised in white wine.
People are pretty familiar with or at least have heard of coq au vin, the French bistro classic which is hearty chicken stew made with red wine.  Traditionally, this dish is made with an old rooster whose meat required a long braising time to get nice and tender.  [...]

Gypsy Picnic

Today was Austin’s first annual Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival and I was SO EXCITED.  It’s a whole festival dedicated to awesome trailer food?  And admission is free?  I. Am. In.  Lemme at it.  But with the food truck craze at it’s height, I should have known it wouldn’t be as easy as all that.
Holy [...]

Garlic Soup — Not Just To Ward Off Vampires

You tend to see a lot of vampires in October.  I don’t know if it’s because Halloween is in October or if they just enjoy the cooler weather, but they are certainly a menace.  I also notice more people getting sick and sniffley in October.  I don’t know if it’s because of the cooler weather [...]