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Resolution Check In

At the beginning of this year I made some resolutions and thought it would be fun to see how many of them I’ve failed miserably at.

1) Utilize farmer’s markets more often and eat more local meats and produce.

I’ve done pretty good with this one I think.  I will admit, it was much easier to do this while I was unemployed and able to go to the Wednesday afternoon farmer’s market.  While I don’t go every week, I do go more often than I have in previous years and make an effort to buy local and/or organic products at the grocery store.  I’m definitely more conscientious about what I eat than I ever have been.

2) Grow an herb garden

I started out really well.  I managed to keep pots of rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley and basil alive for a whole 6 months!  The parsley went first, turning yellow and shriveling up because of over-watering.  The mint went next, turning brown and shriveling up because of under-watering.  The basil and thyme fell victim to our 2 week vacation in September.  Rosemary is the only with a chance of survival at this point.  I just don’t have a green thumb, as much as I might want one.

3) Go to dance class more regularly

Fail.  Fail miserably.  Epic fail.

But I’m mending my ways and switched over to yoga.  I found a great little neighborhood yoga studio and have been going twice a week.

4) Bake more (to include making my own pie crust and a cake with more than one layer)

Success!  The…ahem… extra jiggle is a testament to how successful I’ve been.  While I haven’t made my own pie dough yet, I did make the dough for these apricot crostadas which is pretty close.  And to celebrate becoming gainfully employed I made this delicious Summer Berry Cake:

See?  It has multiple layers!  And it happened to be delicious.

5) Blog more

Another fail.  But I’m working on it!

6) Find a new job, pull off perfect yet low key wedding and find bigger place to live.

Check, check and check!

Wow…I actually did better than I thought.  What have we learned here?  Making vague resolutions using the words “more often” and “more regularly” will lead to success.

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  1. Amber says:

    Love it! Success!!!

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