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Raiding the Family Recipes

One of the many things that my mom and I share is a love of cookbooks and collecting recipes.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I raided her recipe boxes and absconded with a few choice family recipes that I am going to try and replicate myself and maybe one day pass along to my children.

Among the ones I choose were:

Bibbie’s Tea Cakes

Great Aunt Mary’s Chocolate Cake

MawMee’s Heavenly Hash Cake (kind of like Great Aunt Mary’s chocolate cake but with marshmallows!)

Bibbie’s Divinity candy

I’ll definitely be documenting my efforts over the next few months.

Knowing my mom’s love of cookbooks, I got her a new one for her birthday this year that I also couldn’t help but copy a few recipes out of for myself.

Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time in Texas has probably been to Luby’s, home of the LuAnn Platter and the iced tea cart.  Memories of post-church Sunday lunches at Luby’s are permanently ingrained and as much a part of me as ShowBiz Pizza birthday parties and walking barefoot down red dirt roads in Lovelady, TX.  So, of course I jumped at the chance to be able to make Luby’s dinner rolls, macaroni and cheese and chocolate ice box pie without having to navigate crowds of octogenarians with trays full of Jell-O.  Sadly, the fried fish recipe was not included in the cookbook.  Lame.

How much time did you spend at Luby’s when you were growing up?  What was your Luby’s favorite dish?

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