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Hair Raising

I tend to put off getting my hair cut because I’ve never really enjoyed that particular beauty chore.  I like the shampooing part alright, but the cutting and styling always seem to lead to disappointment.

Plus, it is really difficult to find a stylist that can really do anything with my hair.  I have very fine, thin and stick straight hair which doesn’t lend itself to a whole lot of creativity.  Because it’s so fine it needs volume, but can’t tolerate too much layering because it’s so thin.  I look terrible with super short hair, but it gets stringy if let to grow too long.  In short, it’s a mess.

A couple of years ago I thought I had found a stylist who was super cool and managed to get my hair looking decent.

Well…I went to get a haircut today and left feeling horrified.  Horrified.  I was shocked speechless to think that she almost let me leave the salon with one of the worst haircuts and styles I have ever seen.  I don’t know if she was just having an off day or had maybe smoked some crack before my appointment, but it was bad.

I had initially told her that I wanted about two inches of the bottom, some face framing layers and my bangs trimmed to about eyebrow length.  It’s important to note that I went in with my hair the way I normally style it with my bangs swept over to the side.

The shampoo went great and once I was in the chair she started to comb out my wet hair, parting my hair and bangs down the middle.  She started to cut, putting in the face framing layers and trimming the bangs on the left side of my head, inexplicably leaving the bangs on the right side longer.

As she began to blow-dry, I realized that she was going to leave my bangs this way.  I kept waiting for her to do something with them, but she kept blow-drying, adding a few more layers here and there leaving my bangs with a severe part down the middle.  To make matters worse, she was taking some sort of styling pomade and using it to give my roots a bit of lift, but also to plaster the bangs down and back toward my hairline.

It looked kind of like this:

Note the severe part

Crossed with this:

Note the flat stringy layers

Not. Cute.

As she began to remove my apron, ready to toss me out into the world looking like a sad hippie, I recovered my speech just in time to voice my concerns with the bangs.

I pulled the bangs back over my forehead, showed her how I normally style them and asked her to re-trim them.  It was hard to tell how they would fall across the forehead since the amount of pomade left on her hands had now made my bangs impossibly greasy.

She did do her best to correct the mistake and I did leave the salon able to hold my head up in public, but I won’t be able to fully assess the situation until tomorrow after I wash my hair and try to style it on my own.

Pray for me.

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