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Wedding Day

Why do people have weddings?  Goodness gracious, this whole blessed event stressed me the hell out.  Top of the list was the weather report.  The ceremony was supposed to be outside and the week leading up to the wedding showed violent thunderstorms throughout the entire. freaking. weekend.  Green Pastures put together an alternate plan which would have been fine, but it just wasn’t part of how I envisioned that day.

In the end…it didn’t rain.  Everything was exactly how I wanted and perfect.

Well, okay, not entirely perfect.  The loops in my bouquet were weird.  The hair stylist got lost and was late.  An iPod malfunction resulted in no recessional song.  The bustle on my dress broke.  But those aren’t the things that I will remember about my wedding day.

I will remember our families meeting for the first time.

I will remember the flurry of emotions that ran through me as I made my way to the ceremony…nervousness, excitement, unbearable happiness.

I will remember how he looked when I walked down the aisle.

I will remember our vows to each other and how, afterwards, everyone said that they were moved to tears.

I will remember walking upstairs after the ceremony was over and giggling like school kids.  And chugging mimosas.

I will remember our first dance, which was completely unplanned, and settling on La Vie En Rose when the piano player said she didn’t know any Journey songs.

I will remember being so incredibly happy.

I will remember counting the minutes until we could get the hell out of there and into a bedroom.  I’m sorry…but it’s true.

It was a perfect day.


  1. Amber says:

    And a perfect blog! Perhaps TMI at the end, but okay ;)

    I just love your pictures – they capture the day exactly.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Best blog post EVER. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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