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Posts from ‘June, 2010’

My Afternoon

1. Bathe Dog #1
2. Dry Dog #1
3. Furminate Dog #1
4. Bathe Dog #2 who doesn’t like to be bathed and weighs almost as much as me
5. Begin drying Dog #2
6. Dog #2 runs away and rolls in dirt patch creating a new mud coating
7. Curse violently
8. Bathe Dog #2 who is now even more sure [...]

Wedding Day

Why do people have weddings?  Goodness gracious, this whole blessed event stressed me the hell out.  Top of the list was the weather report.  The ceremony was supposed to be outside and the week leading up to the wedding showed violent thunderstorms throughout the entire. freaking. weekend.  Green Pastures put together an alternate plan which [...]