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Going Herbal

My experiment in growing herbs began yesterday and I thought it would be fun to document my success (or abject failure).

I toddled off to my local nursery, Shoal Creek Nursery, and bought all my supplies.  I got terra cotta pots, LadyBug Vortex Potting Soil, Garden Tome Organic plant food, and my herbs.

I got some thyme:

And some spearmint:

And some rosemary:

Some Italian parsley:

And some basil. The nursery didn’t have any basil starter plants so I had to get seeds.

I did get two starter plants of each type of herb and put both of each kind into one pot. I don’t know if this was a smart idea or not, I guess if they all keel over in the next couple of weeks I’ll have my answer.

We’ll check back with my herbs next week to see if they’ve grown any. I hope they do! If you have any special tips for growing herbs in pots please send them my way!

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  1. Amber says:

    If I tried this, they’d be dead in a week. GOOD LUCK!!!

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