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So it’s a new year and a new home for my blog so I figured I would set out some new goals for 2010.  Some folks call them resolutions.  I normally don’t make resolutions so this list is pretty short.  You know, baby steps.

1) Utilize farmer’s markets more often and eat more local meats and produce.

Farmer's market bounty

I feel lucky that I live in an area that has such a vibrant local food scene with lots of local farms and great farmer’s markets.  I should really take more advantage.

2) Grow an herb garden

This is one I may have a problem with given that I’ve killed everything I’ve ever tried to grow including cactus.  But I’m really gonna study up on this one and, hopefully, have lots of flourishing little herbs this summer.

3) Go to dance class more regularly

Because I have to get into a wedding dress this summer and I’m starting to get flabby round the edges.

4) Bake more

This obviously contradicts Goal #3.  However, baking is a skill at which I have been lacking in the past and would love to get better at.  Specifically, I want to learn how to make my own pie crust (one that is actually flaky and tastes good) and make a cake with more than one layer.

5) Blog more

I’d also like to learn more about this WordPress thing and all the cool things you can do with it.

So there you have goals for 2010!!  Put those together with finding a new job, pulling off the perfect low-key yet intimate wedding and finding a bigger place to live and you’ve got one hell of a year.

What resolutions did you make for 2010?

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