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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

Oh Happy Day!!

In my quest to learn more about baking, blogging, food photography, etc., I’ve come across some really great blogs that have been around for awhile, but are definitely new to me.  One of these great blogs is Joy the Baker.  If you are at all interested in stuff that tastes really good, I highly recommend [...]

Having Fun with Photoshop

Braised Short Ribs

Goooooooo MEAT!!
These braised beef ribs are such a beautiful thing and perfect for a cold, rainy, wintry day. They will restore your soul. Eater beware: I got a little carried away when I loaded up my plate with these babies and literally couldn’t move for three days. “Stick to your ribs” is [...]


I realized yesterday that the Comments link at the bottom of the posts was not working.  So, for all 3 of you who may have wanted to post a comment, I apologize.  The problem has now been resolved.
Thank you.  Carry on.

I love eggs, from my head down to my legs!

Does anyone else remember that Egg Council ad jingle?  It will be forever burned into my brain.  Mainly because it’s true.  I do, in fact, love eggs.  They’re probably one of my favorite foods and I’m constantly looking for new ways to eat them.  In particular, I love recipes that really feature The Egg rather [...]