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Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Where and What We Ate In Paris

I anticipated eating to the point of bursting while we were in Paris and I was not disappointed. I pretty much wanted to eat everything in sight and just didn’t have the time. We also discovered early on that when you go a cafe or restaurant, they get very worried if you don’t [...]

Paris – L’Ami Jean

What can I say about L’Ami Jean? We came to eat here halfway through our Paris adventure and it was far and away the best meal we’ve had yet and one I’ll be thinking about for a long time to come. I had tried to make a reservation here before we left via [...]

Paris – Pere Lachaise Cemetery

We started getting into our rhythm today of waking up, heading down to the patisserie and grabbing some croissants and pain au chocolat then sitting and eating at a cafe with some coffee before the day’s activities. Which is exactly what we did today before braving the Metro for the first time and making [...]